Ancient Mesopotamia

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Welcome to the library of jojo Nebuchadnezzar


The "book shelf" shown above was excavated at Sippar, an ancient city of North Babylon on the Euphrates in present Iraq, 20 miles (32km) SW of  Baghdad. It was one of the capitals of Sargon and had a great temple to the sungod, Shamash. Excavations begun in 1882 have yielded thousands of inscribed tablets, many of which have yet to be deciphered. 


Above, I dictate a proclamation to my chief scribe who is inscribing it in cuneiform on a clay tablet.  When it is completed, a copy will be stored in my library by another of my scribes.


Sometimes a clay tablet breaks and has to be copied or repaired.


Preparing and maintaining the records of Babylon requires many scribes and so we have a school to train them.


Click on the Library of Babylon image below  for a site under construction by Marie Siduri, a Scribe of Ancient Worlds, for a good collection of texts on Ancient Babylon.


The Alexandria Library at Ancient Worlds is under construction but it will be a very extensive research tool. Click below to view.


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